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First Karate Uniform

Posted Oct 06 2010 5:00am
In our dojo, we offer a few weeks of introductory lessons for potential students. We want the student and/or parents to experience a typical karate class. We want parents to meet the instructors and learn about our teaching philosophy. During the introductory period, the potential student attends class in street clothes. They usually wear shorts or sweatpants depending on the season.

Once the decision is made to sign up for lessons, we determine what size uniform to order. We always fit the jacket because the pants are almost always too long. There are times when we have to order uniforms because we do not have a specific size in stock.

Last night, I handed out three new karate uniforms. There is something special about the first karate uniform. The look on the kids faces was priceless as they were handed their gi. They were so excited. They stepped on the dojo floor with their heads held high.

Do you remember the first time you wore a gi?

Update...What's Going On?

I am finally feeling better!

Last week was crazy because I had to buy a car. It was not something I planned and was definitely not in my budget. I have been dealing with a cursed car since 2008. I do not like dealing with car salesmen. I researched several cars and contacted dealerships. I reviewed the article Car Dealer Tricks, Strategies, Scams and Tactics . One dealership pulled all the tricks over the phone. I told the sales manager I would not set foot in his lot to be bombarded by the sales team and limited time deals.

I was able to practice karate last Thursday for the first time in two weeks. We ended up spending 45 minutes discussing a U-Punch. The discussion was prompted by the kata Passai. Good times! :)
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