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Fighting Back.

Posted Sep 14 2009 9:56am
We became a martial arts family about 6 years ago when hubby and the boys took up Jujitsu. Unfortunately it became a bit like living with Kato from pink panther with hubby jumping out from behind doors or sneaking up behind me to put me in locks or practice throwing techniques. I decided 18 months ago it was time to fight back! However, I didn't fancy jujitsu - all that grappling and rolling around. I reckon if an attacker got me down on the ground I'd be dead meat. I needed a martial art that would allow me to stay on my feet and not get in too close and personal with my attacker - karate seemed the perfect choice with its kicks, strikes, blocks, sweeps and running away! I managed to find a club which had it's dojo conveniently located in my sons' school. However, the men in my life couldn't bare the idea of me getting good at something they couldn't do and signed up with me! My youngest dropped out at red belt but the rest of us have continued on and now sport a rather fetching purple belt (4th kyu).
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