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Doing.... well?

Posted by Sarah S.

Writer's Answer
I'm learning a lot, that much is true! I've been studying karate for two years, but there always seems to be thirty things I need work on. Instead of gaining confidance, I instead realize by the day how far behind I am and how much I still have to learn. Today I worked on my Kata quite a bit. That at least I think I'm pretty strong on. I also worked on Ippon Lumite, which I haven't really worked on, but I need to know for my test in December. And then I worked with my Sensei on kicks. My round kick needs work - I'm doing it in the style of my last dojo, it seems, and I need to correct it. There are SO many things to correct that I've rought from other dojos. That is the most confusing thing about everything. I've had to change dojo's four times in these two years - simply because I've moved four times in two years. But I have a lot to correct. I hope to stay here for a whi;e. I love this dojo, and I'm tired of moving and starting all over again. But anyway, I'm working right now on my round kick and side thrust kick. I also am trying to shorten my stances. Karate is my life.
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