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Computer Virus Frustrations!

Posted Mar 01 2011 12:00am
I have had a very frustrating week! My computer has downloaded a fake anti virus software program which has completely locked up everything on my computer and is holding me to blackmail until I pay a fee to download the 'solution' that promises to get rid of the '39 viruses, worms and trojans' that it has 'detected' on my hard drive (I'm writing this on my husband's computer). I have no intention of doing that (it's probably just a ruse to get my credit card details anyway) so I have spent several hours looking for a solution to remove this heinous virus/worm/trojan or whatever it is from my computer.

This thing has bypassed my McAfee software (and disabled it) and blocked me from using the Internet or any of my programs or files (it is 'protecting' them from harm). In short, my computer is completely useless!

I have managed to get into 'safe mode' on my computer and activate a scan which found two viruses. Apparently McAfee dealt with them but the problem persists. McAfee's own forum suggests downloading Malwarebytes software but I have no experience of using anything like this - do you?

Despite the frustration of this, the time wasting and the inconvenience of trying to sort it out I have remained pretty calm and philosophical about it. Over the years my computer has provided me with many more advantages than disadvantages. It has allowed me to shop in places I wouldn't otherwise be able to shop, buy things at prices I couldn't get them in High Street shops even buy things I couldn't buy in High Street shops. I often order my groceries online and have them delivered (for free) - that's a great service. My computer allows me to communicate with people all over the world and express myself in the written word. It allows me instant access to a range of resources on subjects that interest me. On the whole, my computer is a good friend, so I forgive it for getting infected!

I don't know if it's my martial arts training that is enabling me to have a fairly zen calmness about all this or just the mellowing with old age! A few years ago I would have felt like throwing my computer out of the window at this stage but now it sits patiently next to me at my desk, waiting to be fixed. Of course having access to another computer is helping to ameliorate the feelings of frustration though it won't prevent the time wasting and inconvenience of fixing my computer that is yet to come.

I had made some quite extensive notes for a blog post that I wanted to write yesterday but they are trapped inside my computer at the moment so it will have to wait.

Have you experienced this type of malevolent fake AV software virus? Did you find a solution for getting rid of it?

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