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Change it UP!

Posted by Teresa J.

In order to really get a workout, to keep your body guessing, you’ve got to change up your routine. Our trainers at the MMA club I go to are constantly rearranging our regimen. They stick to an overall schedule (30 minutes cardio/strength training, 1 hour punches/kicks/knees, and 15-30 minutes abs) in the girls’ only class but they teach us new combinations each week.

Last night’s class was an interesting one, because we had a different trainer. She wanted to challenge our minds while still working our bodies. Though it causes a person to start out a bit slower, figuring out the new combinations of knees, punches, and kicks, once the movements come more naturally, the mind and the body are working together. I can’t speak for others, but that had my whole body, physically and mentally, feeling good afterward. The fact that she congratulated members for working hard throughout the class added to the overall success of the class.

For trainers and for trainees, last night’s class is a lesson in good teaching style. It’s not easy to make the body and mind feel uplifted, but following these steps can help:

  1. Change it up
  2. Challenge both body and mind
  3. Let members know what they’re doing right, rather than focussing solely on their weaknesses
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