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can a pinched nerve in the neck cause dizziness?

Posted by dbaptiste

i do martial arts training every day. in a jiu jitsu class we did a particular drill which was a cross choke. before class everything was fine. each class is an hour long so about 15 minutes left in the class we partnered up and grappled for 5 minutes. the first 5 min was fine. into the next round with another partner i became ver dizzy. i took a sec to regroup and continued. after the 5 min was up i walked downstairs to the locker room to get myself together. i could not walk straight because the room could not stop spinning. i sat down for a bit but every time i moved it was as if i could pass out. i laid down for about 20 min and that didnt help. i left class early and sat in my car for awhile before driving home. i had difficulty sleeping. my left arm would get numb and sometimes tingle. i move my head the room would spin out of control. i try to get up i fall over. is there anyway that a pinched nerve could cause dizziness?
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