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Blog Highlight: Grappling with Life

Posted Mar 19 2009 3:02pm
I don't know whether anyone's noticed, but off to the side of my blog is an area called, "Articles that caught my eye." I'm not the most interesting blog around... by a long shot. I read tons of blogs and try to flag some of the ones that I would like to share by highlighting them in the sidebar here.

One blog that I consistently try to share over there are the posts by Jay on his blog, Grappling with Life. Jay describes himself as "I'm 30 some'odd years old. I train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai and MMA at KnuckleUp West Coast in Lancaster California. I am married to an incredible and supportive wife who not only understands, but supports my love affair with BJJ."

There are several reasons why I think everyone should check Jay's blog out. First, if you read my blog, chances are you're interested in grappling, BJJ, martial arts or something along those lines. Jay writes about all of those things. He's a guy that clearly loves to roll and is one of us.

Lately, he's been writing about medical issues that he's been struggling with. While I've read a lot of blogs about injuries and recovery. It seems as though ACL surgery is an epidemic among martial artists. Jay's medical obstacles are much less common. He tells a compelling story and has a great way of writing about it that manages to make the very technical, complicated medical issues easy to understand without insulting your intelligence. I also appreciate the optimism that is clear in every post. I don't get the sense that he's looking for sympathy or pity. Rather, it's like talking to a friend who says, "Jesus Christ. You won't believe what happened to me today. I had a friggin' stroke! Can't a guy get a break?"

I hope Jay doesn't stop writing anytime soon, and while I'm confident that he'll figure out these medical problems, I will definitely read his blog as long as he continues to write it.
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