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Benefits of Boxing

Posted by Swati S.

It tones the muscles.

Strengthens the arms and legs.

It is a good cardio vascular exercise.

It is a good self-defense mechanism.

The best part about boxing is that builds self-confidence.

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Stretching is a big part of boxing. I know we never saw Rocky stretch or Kirk Douglas in Champion. Stretching is a big part of boxing -- to be successful.
I have found that taking (thai) boxing has really raised my self-esteem. I feel good because not only am I working out but I'm gaining muscle, exercising/interacting with friends, and setting a good example for my son.
We just added a punching bag to the basement, and I look forward to getting down there and relearning some of the kick and punch forms I practiced years ago in Tae Kwon Do. (I had a pretty mean roundhouse kick!) Boxing a bag, I agree, is a great way to strenghthen the body, and is also good at relieving stress.
Boxing is the best use of hands and the most practical footwork in martial arts
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