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ACL Reconstruction - Three Years Later

Posted May 15 2010 7:19am
I almost missed writing this post. Wow...Has it been three years?

I started this blog seven months post surgery. I would definitely say that months 6-9 were the toughest time for me. It is the period of time where the mental challenges of this injury out weigh the physical ones. There were many first hand accounts on the Internet that detailed surgery, physical therapy and rehab immediately after the procedure. At the time I started this blog, there was not much written about what happened after the release by the surgeon and physical therapist. Most of the first hand accounts were soccer players, skiers, rugby players and snowboarders.

I wanted to know
What happens next?
How long until my knee feels normal?
Will I ever fully return to my previous activity?
Will I always fear re-injury?
How has an ACL injury affected other martial arts practitioners?

I receive emails throughout the year from people who are dealing with ACL injuries and surgery. Some have questions and other thank me for sharing my experiences. A major portion of my blog traffic is from people searching, like I did, for ACL information and first hand accounts. When I look at the list of search items, one stands out as my favorite. People find this blog using the search term "ACL success story".

What is the status of my knee three years post ACL reconstruction?

My knee is doing just fine. I feel my knee has returned to 95% pre injury. I do not "think" about my knee on a daily basis. For those of us who have/had knee problems...this is a big deal. I am active in Okinawa Kenpo and Tai Chi. I go to the gym regularly or fairly regularly I should say. I played racquetball last summer. I do not wear a knee brace.

What is the other 5%?

There are a few things that bother my knee. There is one move in the bo kata Chounokun that regularly reminds me that I had knee surgery. A few others...kneeling in seiza for extended periods, embrace the tiger, snake creeps down, running and jumping. I do not like lunges. Damp, cold weather makes my knee ache.

What do I need to work on?

Running and jumping. Before I continue...I must confess that I was not much of a runner or jumper before surgery. However, I should be better at it.

Is there anything activity I did pre-injury that I do not do now?

Roller skating, skiing. I have not gone skiing for years but if I had the opportunity I would decline because of my knee. I was not a good skier...I fell too much. I will probably roller skate again.

Overall, my knee is serving me well.

If anyone finds this blog and wants to share their ACL story as a guest post, please contact me. If you have a blog about ACL surgery and recovery and would like me to add it to my blogroll, feel free to post a comment or email.

If you find this post because you have an ACL of luck on your recovery!

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Disclaimer: This blog is my personal weblog regarding my ACL surgery and recovery. Please note that I am not dispensing medical advice rather I am documenting my personal experiences.
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