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ACL Reconstruction – Month 15 – Approaching Closure

Posted Aug 23 2008 10:47pm
It is time. I am ready to put this injury behind me.

It has been fifteen months since my ACL reconstruction surgery. When I began this journey, I had no idea how long recovery would take. I scoured articles and blogs to find information about others working through ACL recovery. Everyone is different due to graft choices, brace and PT protocols and the individual patient. There was an abundance of information about the surgery and the first six to nine months. I found very little written about what to expect after the standard six to nine month recovery period.

This weekend I will be attending a three-day training camp. I will not be wearing a knee brace. The brace will be in my karate bag hidden out of site. Someone told me that I should bring it to training for good luck. An ACL brace as a good luck charm … who knew? I have no intention of thinking about my knee. This is the hardest part because thoughts just creep in my brain. When I am tired, I catch myself ascending stairs one leg at a time. I do not do this intentionally and immediately stop when I realize that I am doing it. I will do my best to enjoy the weekend and train in the moment.

Most people find my site searching for knee related information (knee crunching, knee pain, ACL recovery, functional bracing etc.) At the base of the site, there is a disclaimer, which states that I am not dispensing medical advice. The initial purpose of this site was to document my experience with ACL surgery and recovery. The physical recovery has been over for months. My knee is healed with full ROM, no swelling or pain. The mental/emotional recovery took me fifteen months. I worry about re-injury but it is no longer a daily concern. In addition to karate, I go to the gym three times a week to keep my leg strong. I know that I am doing everything I can to keep my body strong and prevent injury.

To those going through ACL surgery and recovery, please remember it WILL get better. This injury will try your patience but with hard work and determination, you WILL get through it!
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