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A Reconstructed ACL Two Years Later

Posted May 15 2009 10:02pm
It is May 15 th and my reconstructed ACL turns two today! My knee is healthy and strong despite the noisy creaks and groans.

ACL Recovery Accomplishments:

  1. Full range of motion
  2. Recovered leg strength
  3. Returned to Karate as a student and instructor
  4. Joined a gym
  5. Learned to play racquetball
  6. Tai Chi classes
  7. Can kneel in seiza...for a short time :)
  8. Got my cat stance back
  9. Improved balance
  10. Started a blog

When I started this blog I was searching for answers. I was looking for other martial artist that experienced an ACL reconstruction. I wanted to know what happens after surgery. I am not referring to the first few months. I wanted to hear what a reconstructed knee was like at one, two or five years. Information was hard to find. There were many stories that went into great detail about the surgery itself or the first few days of recovery. I wanted to read the success stories from people of all ages, graft types and activity level.

It is my hope that people with ACL injuries find this blog. I want them to know that even though the road may be difficult and frustrating at times.

There are success stories.

To the readers and those who have left comments on this blog...thank you for you support and encouragement. To the people who have a torn ACL or are in the process rehabilitation....good luck and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

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