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34. Effciency Training for BJJ

Posted Jul 18 2009 11:48pm
This entry is part 1 of 1 in the series Effciency Training


In this new series I’m going to explore the ideas behind Efficiency Training (ET) for BJJ. For me looking at developing or improving the efficiency of your training is what Conceptual BJJ is all about.

Techniques might work for some and not others but concepts are generally universal and when you think about efficiency, it’s definitely one of those areas which gets overlooked. While some supplement their BJJ with Off The Mat Pursuits or cross training, the idea of working on your efficiency is something which most will have never properly developed.

Without realising people get stuck in the rut of training the same way for years and this can have a huge impact on your ongoing development. What ET can do is help you out of ruts, plateaus and could be the key to rejuvenating your training and those who you train with.

So as a warm up make a list of the areas of training life that you think you feel you’re efficient at and those you’re not so efficient at. If you want to share them then drop a comment below, if not then keep them safe as you’re going to need them to refer back to in the near future.

Ok, so to get you started and I’ll share mine.


  • I constantly work on the areas of my game which need developing
  • I work on the areas of my game with the best/most suitable people in my club
  • I train properly - I.e don’t train like a fool (too hard/put others at risk when rolling etc)
  • I’m good at making gameplans for sessions/weeks/months and sticking to them to work/develop certain areas of my game
  • I consciously roll with the right (I’ll explain later) mix of people at my club to aid my development the most
  • I use a good level of strength and energy whilst rolling, despite my weight.
  • I always arrive early and stay later to work on my game
  • I ask questions and seek advice from my coaches and training partners
  • I get enough sleep which helps keep me energised and focused whilst training


  • I don’t warm up or warm down as efficiently as I should (although I am miles better than I was)
  • My diet could be improved/regulated to help me perform at the highest levels whilst training
  • I’m not the best at drilling in the sense it can easily bore me
  • Sometimes as a coach I think we might roll for too long per roll
  • I don’t work on my supplementary training enough

So that’s the introduction to Efficiency Training. What follows now are 13 mini-articles on each of the areas within ET in regards to BJJ. My aim is that by the time I finish the series we’ll both be on the path to becoming a much more efficient athletes, so stay tuned!

Next Article: Getting the most out of your training partners

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