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I'm a writer, full time mom and this year I've decided to get back in shape and respect my body. I've suffered a lot from back and wrist pain and I like to research ways to improove my posture and get back support. I often put into practice videos from to help me relieve my back pains. After my pregnancy I developed Carpel Tunnel Syndrome so I have to exercise a lot when the pain starts. I hope to make friends with those suffering from these difficulties we've had to live... Full Bio
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Feb 11 2011 by Martha's feelin good

Active Sitting is sitting with proper posture. Sit squarely on the pelvic bones with the weight evenly distributed from side-to-side and from front-to-back. Sitting in this manner allows a wide range of motion - forward, backward, side-to-side - and with the ability to easily return to a centered position.


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