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Marree Manchester

Christchurch, New Zealand
Hi I am Maree Manchester. My Husband and I own a Health, Sports and Weightloss Company with over 14,000 clients. We are avid runners and love to strength train. Nutrition is my passion. I believe that all runners should read Born to Run by Chris Mcdougal this is a wonderful book. I am currently training for my first full marathon in vibram 5 fingers. I have competed in several half marathons and a 32 km in Rarotonga.
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Feb 01 2011 by Marree Manchester
Hi I am Marree Manchester, I own a Health, Sports and Weightloss Company in New Zealand. I am an avid runner I also strength train. I love anything to do with nutrition and my favorite running book is born to run by Christopher McDougal. I think every runner should read this book .