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Peterborough, Canada
I am a  Healthcare Provider. At present I have left my employment to care for my father in law who had a cerebral brain hemmorage last year and cannot be left unattended.  My family mean alot to me, my motto "Family mean the most, keep them close". Always help those in need. I love reading true crime,Sylvia Browne (nothing fiction) health and wellness. Activities of daily living especially for those who are co-dependent on a family member. Read alot of medical... Full Bio
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Hello Marly: Thanks for friending me. How all in Canada. Wonderful Olympics, by the way. And congrats on the hockey triumph. And, seriously, godspeed to you in your parental care. Monumental task, I can only imagine.
Apr 29 2010 by Marly

Its wise to think ahead but honestly I think you will be fine. If you notice anything it will be close to that time of the month. Get out the cucumber. lol  It does work.

Thank you for your reply, its greatly appreciated!!

Apr 29 2010 by cherie t.
Thanks so much Marly...I have been off teh pill for a couple weeks now with no change, but I am just preparing I guess!