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I am a wife, mother of three active boys, fitness instructor, "retired" attorney, and lover of all things health and fitness realted.  I live in Atlanta and love the South!  I am living my passion as I teach classes and work personally with clients.  We have a very busy... Full Bio
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Light and Fresh . . .some summertime staples

Sometimes I just cannot think of anything new to cook for dinner.  In the summer, who wants to be in the kitchen anyway?  The main cooking we...

No More Breaking the Bank to Eat Healthy!

I am not a grocery store snob.  I also get a little cheap thrill out of saving some money and getting a deal.  However, I do like to...

Why We Foam Roll . . . and my new commitment

My foam rollers ready to go! Lately I've been back at the Physical Therapist.  I'm going to the same great place I went following...

Two New Discoveries!  Just what you need AND a great little gym . . .               

I have a couple of cool new things (well, new to me at least!) to share this week.  I was thrilled to get a little special package in the mail...

Fire Roasted Gazpacho for summertime . . . and some modern day frustrations (or maybe it's just me)

One of my very favorite things to have in the summer is Gazpacho.  I used to absolutely hate the thought of eating a cold soup,...


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