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I am a wife, mother of three active boys, fitness instructor, "retired" attorney, and lover of all things health and fitness realted.  I live in Atlanta and love the South!  I am living my passion as I teach classes and work personally with clients.  We have a very busy... Full Bio
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Rosemary Garlic Chicken with Potatoes

I've said it again and again.  This is NOT a food blog.  I do not make up my own recipes, usually.  I tweak some or throw together what I can find...

I GAVE UP . . . and so glad I did!

Came across this car today in the parking lot at the Y. It made me smile! How could you ever be in a bad mood driving this cute thing...

No Crappy Lunches . . . .

A REALLY Crappy Lunch I HOPE this is NOT what your lunch looks like.  What is your lunch?  Is it a bite of this and that as you go...

One Recipe - 2 Meals . . . So easy it's ridiculous!

Meal 1: Soft Chicken Taco with Black Beans and the fixin's Dinner last night was so good and so easy I'm almost embarrassed to share...

Savings Spree. . . . a NO SHOPPING CHALLENGE

I'm starting a new challenge for myself.  You know I'm always starting some kind of new challenge.  This one is a little different and is going to...


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