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Mark Robbins

Tequesta, Florida
I am a Skin Care professional for the past 12 years.  I have been deeply involved in the research and developement of multiple anti aging products.  Skin Care is a passion of mine and I enjoy the work that I am fortunate enough to be doing.  I have recently become a contributing editor to a consumer review site maintained soley for consumer information and not for profit.  It is a nice way to pass along knowledge to the... Full Bio
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Apr 09 2010 by Nopalea
Hey Mark, interesting articles but I would love to speak to you about something that may interest you in regards to skin and natural healing. Shoot me a personal email to if your interested. Regards, -Ryan
Mar 05 2009 by Kate McLaughlin.
Enjoyed your articles. Have used Obagi for years, always looking for the next best thing.
Feb 15 2009 by passion4living

Hello, alii, aloha e Mark,


Thanks for the invite.  Love the articles and will pass your blog around to friends and family.


Take care,