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Mark Pool, MD

I practice general surgical pathology and serve as laboratory medical director at Riverside Medical Center in Kankakee, Illinois. I am also an adjunct attending at Rush Medical College in Chicago. My specialty challenges and humbles me because of the sublime variation and complexity of diseases... Full Bio
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Video discussing red cell storage lesion

As a follow-up to my post on the red cell storage lesion from a couple days ago, Transfusion News has posted a video interview with Dr....

Reassessment of the red cell storage lesion

James C. Zimring has published a wonderful perspectives article in the April 2, 2015 issue of Blood ( abstract ) that nicely summarizes what...

New International Society of Blood Transfusion Website

The International Society of Blood Transfusion (ISBT) recently highlighted its new website , which is more user-friendly and has links to other...

Effectiveness of crossmatched or HLA-platelets vs. random platelets for refractory patients

Rioux-Massé et al from University of Minnesota Medical Center report in the December 2014 issue of Transfusion ( abstract ) a retrospective...

Procalcitonin in Critically Ill Patients: ProGUARD study results

We recently implemented a procalcitonin assay in my lab in the evaluation of patients with clinically suspected sepsis with undifferentiated...

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