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Exercise is helping me lose inches

I might not have my blood pressure as under control as I would like it to be, but I must say that exercising at the gym is paying dividends with...

I’m really getting into my swimming!

Yes, a couple of months down the line, and the pool sessions are getting better and better! On Sunday I had my longest swimming session yet - 800m...

Holidays are great!

I’m back at work after a fantastic week and a half at the coast. Being away from the daily grind makes you realise how much stress, etc that we...

Is more sleep helping to lower my blood pressure?

I unfortunately don’t know the answer to that question yet! All I know is that since I caught a stomach bug I’ve been going to bed a lot earlier...

The up-side to having a stomach bug

I  finally made my way back to gym this week after being away for 2 weeks, fully hoping that my blood pressure would have sorted itself...

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