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Mariska Breland, Fuse Pilates

Fitness guru, wellness coach, instructor and founder of the Fuse Pilates method. In 2002, Mariska was diagnosed with MS, her interest in mind-body fitness grew. She became a dedicated yoga and Pilates practitioner and currently holds enough certifications and training hours to equal a PhD in... Full Bio
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Probiotics – What You Need to Know

Lucia Litman is back with another guest blog post. Lucy is a native Minnesotan, but has lived in DC for the past 7 years. She is an avid Fuse...

What is Head Ramping?

Head ramping? What? Simply it’s about finding proper alignment of your head balanced atop your spine. Here’s how to do it. (Turn up your...

Top 3 Ways Pilates Helps with Spinning

Fuse student (and spin aficionado) Kara Reinsel joins us for this guest blog post. Kara is a regular Fuse Pilates DC student who you can find in...

How Much Training Does Your Trainer Have?

Want to tear your hamstring? Try pushing into a split when you're not warm (or ready). Ever want to see me get fired up? Tell me about...

Exercise and Your Brain

Last summer, I went to Pilates Anytime in Santa Barbara with a mission: Teach people how mind-body movement really works Fill a gap...

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