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Mariska Breland, Fuse Pilates

Fitness guru, wellness coach, instructor and founder of the Fuse Pilates method. In 2002, Mariska was diagnosed with MS, her interest in mind-body fitness grew. She became a dedicated yoga and Pilates practitioner and currently holds enough certifications and training hours to equal a PhD in... Full Bio
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Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should – Rehabbing from Surgery and Why Private Instruction Matters

I’ve just passed the official two-month mark from my (double) surgeries , and I thought I was (maybe) ready to venture back into some Pilates....

10 Tips for Finding a Great Group Workout Class

What makes a group fitness class great? Is it the one that’s the newest? Promises to give you a dancer’s body or six pack abs? Guarantees that...

5 Reasons Why Commuters Should Workout in DC Before/After Work

1. You’re Already Here After taking the metro, are you really going to go home, change and then go to the gym? For you overachievers, props...

Where’s Mariska?

Some of our students have been asking where I’ve been lately, so I thought I’d take to the blog and catch you up. In late May, I had a...

Wrinkles, Jowls, Grays, and Other Obstacles to Aging Gracefully

The other day in the studio I overheard a girl lamenting about turning 30. Girlfriend, please. I just turned the big 4-0. 40 years old. Of...

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