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Marilyn Yohe, L.Ac., MAOM Licensed Acupuncturist

Cambridge, Massachusetts
Marilyn Yohe, Lic.Ac., MAOM, is a licensed and national board certified acupuncturist and Chinese... Full Bio
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Why Do Acupuncturists Want to See Your Tongue?

A colleague of mine helped run a study on the use of acupuncture to treat depression. As part of the record-keeping, each patient’s file...

Does Your Insurance Cover Acupuncture?

Slowly, as acupuncture becomes more more accepted by the Western medical community, health insurance coverage for acupuncture is...

No, You’re Not “Just Getting Old”

Years ago, my co-worker’s daughter turned 17. For some reason this was a hard birthday for her and she complained to her mom that she felt...

Acupuncture Support for New Moms (Dads too!)

Traditional Chinese medicine has a very clear and simple prescription for the postpartum period: the new mother should stay in bed for three...

Sick of Antibiotics? Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs Can Help

A lot of people come into my office who have taken a lot of antibiotics. Often it’s for a sinus infection, which mostly resolves, followed...

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