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In my 30-year career as a medical group administrator, meeting over 100,000 patients, I observed... Full Bio
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Sep 02 2009 by mzeatright
Hi Marie, Tonight going to the evening concert at the pier!  Weather has been very warm! Good luck on your voyage!
Aug 04 2009 by mzeatright

Excellent posts!  I love it when I see someone who is as passionate about these facts as I am!  I concur about the children and jump in fractures.  They all drink soda's like crazy as their parents do.  It is sucking the calcium from their bones and the result is fractures out of control and we will soon see the (years later) jump of premature osteoporosis too!  Also about the green tea.  It is probably one of the healthiest options we can pick to enjoy.  I like mine cold with maybe 1/4 of the glass of my favorite juice over ice.  Its great and healthy however we will never find a study "ever" that will support 1 or 2 things being the "thing" that prevents or cures cancer.  It will always be pointed to what an individual's consistant bad habits have been adding up over 10-30 years to really do the harm.  So if we can just get folks to see the handwriting on the wall we will be set!  This could be coming from their own physician but to date they still don't go there much in those 10-15 minute office visits!   Good job!