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marie dufour RD Registered Dietician

Specialty: registered dietitian (RD)
In my 30-year career as a medical group administrator, meeting over 100,000 patients, I observed... Full Bio
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Health Maven's Answer
Pregnant women need between 30 and 45 mg of iron every day.  Eat food that are rich in... more
Nov 05 2009 2:40am
We put so much expectation on ONE food that will cure it all.  Researchers have been... more
Nov 05 2009 2:15am
Green tea is an excellent zero-calorie beverage.  It is being investigated as an... more
Nov 05 2009 1:57am
There is no evidence that coffee enemas detoxify the body.  The Gerson Therapy as an... more
Oct 25 2009 4:42am
Reading the food label will tell you how many calories in your soda.  First, note the... more
Oct 24 2009 4:14am
Agreed with Mindy.  A balanced diet about 2 things: - variety of food choices -... more
Oct 23 2009 2:53pm
One medium egg is about 78 calories, 6 g. protein, 6 g of fat and 200 g of... more
Oct 21 2009 6:08pm
Hi spek... they need to be cooked.  You can boil them until tender (10 minutes in... more
Oct 10 2009 4:06pm
Of course you can, but it does not have to be.  Olive oil, like any other fat, has 9... more
Oct 08 2009 5:15pm
I like Karen's answer.  Thanks for putting eating and shopping to the level of the... more
Oct 06 2009 1:55pm