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The Maria's Last Diet blog is all about the psychological side of dieting. You choose the diet. We'll help you stick to it. We've made sticking to a diet a lot easier for women. If you get stopped by the same old problems when you diet, you are going to like the totally fresh approach of... Full Bio
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When Good Intentions Don’t Bring About Loss of Weight

by Maria's Last Diet “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” If you’re in the throes of trying to lose weight, you know just how...

What Weight Loss Strategies Did You Put in Your Weight Loss Plan

by Maria's Last Diet What are you doing to lose weight? The most common answers to this question are eating fewer calories, eating less...

What Sends You Right to Food?

by Maria's Last Diet What sends you right to food? Is it hunger? Really? Is it a craving? Is it the time of day whether you’re hungry or...

What’s the best way to lose weight? Diet? Think Again.

Does your diet bring about change in your weight? In a manner of speaking, it does. You eat less and/or eat differently and you lose weight....

Risk Factors That Can Make It So You Can’t Lose Weight

by Maria's Last Diet Do you know what your risk factors are for failing to lose weight? If you don’t already know what your risk factors...'s Whiteboard

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