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The Maria's Last Diet blog is all about the psychological side of dieting. You choose the diet. We'll help you stick to it. We've made sticking to a diet a lot easier for women. If you get stopped by the same old problems when you diet, you are going to like the totally fresh approach of... Full Bio
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Why Weight Loss Psychology

by Maria's Last Diet Are excess weight and weight loss physical? Putting on and taking off pounds are certainly the epitome of a physical...

How to Stick to Your Diet—A Helpful Tip

by Maria's Last Diet How committed are you when it comes to losing a lot of weight? Your sense of commitment, it seems, may very well...

Is Your Backstory the Cause of You Not Losing Weight?

by Maria's Last Diet Is your backstory stopping you from losing weight? Backstories can do that. They wield a powerful influence over us....

It’s Impossible to Lose Weight If You Don’t Let Yourself Get Hungry

by Maria's Last Diet There are visceral sensations in your stomach. It’s thoughts, about food and eating.  It’s physical weakness,...

Is Being Overweight a Psychological Problem? What Do You Think?

by Maria's Last Diet Psychological problems always take time to work out. There’s no quick fix. No promise that the solution will be easy....'s Whiteboard

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