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The Maria's Last Diet blog is all about the psychological side of dieting. You choose the diet. We'll help you stick to it. We've made sticking to a diet a lot easier for women. If you get stopped by the same old problems when you diet, you are going to like the totally fresh approach of... Full Bio
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Losing Unwanted Weight the Three-Dimensional Way

by Maria's Last Diet A two-dimensional approach to weight loss is concentrating narrowly on dieting and exercise. A three-dimensional...

Women’s Weight Loss Isn’t One Size Fits All

by Maria's Last Diet One size doesn’t fit all. How often have you heard this when something isn’t right for everyone? Look what happens,...

To Drop Your Weight You Must Have…

by Maria's Last Diet I hate to break it to you, but the process of weight loss calls for a tremendous amount of diligence on your part....

Weight Loss Information About Meal Planning and Fullness

by Maria's Last Diet Do you know that how full you are does not necessarily determine the size of the meal you eat? You would think that...

Feed My Face with Food Because Fantasy Failed Me

by Maria's Last Diet Where does fantasy fit in when you feed your face with food? Is it food, food, food because your fantasy of the...'s Whiteboard

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