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Has anyone had a tubel pregnancy and left with only 1 damaged fallopain ?

In 1998 I had a baby girl and in 1999 I had a fallopain tube pregnancy. I went through and got my left fallopain tube removed. I have been tring...

has anyone had a fallopian tubal pregnancy, and got it removed and left with the other damaged?

Hi, My husband and I are trying toge pregnant for about 5yrs now. At the age of 20 I had a baby with a different relationship. In 1999 I had a...

After a left tube pregancy and right damaged, should the right tube be removed for a better chance IVF

My husband and I have been tring to get pregnant for about 5yrs. I had a left fallopian tube pregnanice about 10yrs ago. I had no info on this,...
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