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maria f.

concord, California
 46 year old divorce mother of 5 raising last male child. Wow i have really let my self go it was always "for the kids" that i would sacrafice the gym cost or they need this or that i thought that was what a mother does, top that with being divorced. Talk about overcompensating! Well one day i had another thought "I need to be healthy to really be there for them" So that is my daily montra along with the Lords Prayer.
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Nov 18 2009 by maria f.
HELP, I am still smoking black and milds but no cigs is this a good thing?
Sep 11 2009 by maria f.
6:06pm on this day i have had many craving but the fist goal i met was NO SODA!!
Sep 11 2009 by juliet h.

Maria -

Congratulations  on not smoking the whole pack of black and milds.  I was once hook on Primetime (cherry flavored), smoked for about 20 years and have been smoke free for about 3..TALK ABOUT FREEDOM.  Now I am workking on weight.  Will be happly to be your friend in this .


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