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Toronto, Canada
Marci Lall is a Weight Loss & Body Sculpting Specialist who coaches and teaches women how to decrease their body fat and increase their metabolism. Marci has been active in the fitness industry as a personal trainer since 2002. Prior to that time he spent most of his time instructing and... Full Bio
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New Study Finds That Caffeine Potentially Increases Headache Frequency

According to researchers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology , individuals that consume high amounts of caffeine may be...

Pros and Cons: The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet

Fads in diet are nothing new, as any woman knows. In fact, there is documentation indicating that extreme measures to increase health have...

How The Glycemic Index Works

It may be a fancy word, but it has a relatively simple meaning. The way your body reacts to certain carbohydrates will determine the...

Your Healthy Chocolate Eating Guide

If you love chocolate (and what woman doesn’t?) then you should be happy to know you don’t have to feel guilty about indulging in this...

Benefits of Online Personal Training

YOu may have a very fast-paced lifestyle. And with that, you don’t have enough time to make it to a personal trainer in between the other...
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