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Marc G.

SAN MATEO, California
Hi, im Marc... Not too much goin on with me. I live for cars, friends, love, and life. Im a simple guy with simple needs
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Effective? or just a pain?

how effective is bootcamp? when compared to a regular regimented workout.. if i like to do a little bit of cardio, and some weight training, is that...

Start Boxing

i'm going to start boxing classes with a couple of my friends... good idea to loose weight and gain strength?

Eating more salads

when i go out to eat with friends, i'm gona start eating only salads... even tho i tell everyone that i'm eating regular stuff (they know i'm not)
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Dec 12 2007 by Dmitriy P.
Thank you! hey sweetheart... thanks for bein soo goodlookin;)
Dec 12 2007 by d h.
Great job! yay!