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Runner, coach and mother to a toddler running through pregnancy and parenthood while maintaining sanity. An amatuer cook always trying new recipes to feed my family healthy.
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5 Things on Friday

It's been an interesting week of ups and downs, snow and now sun, stress and fun. Last Thursday I found out I'm allergic to Cooper! It...

Things: Puppies, Sleep and Shoes

Life has gotten crazy the last couple weeks, work is extra busy because part of my team is out plus I've been working longer days and weekends....

Fitness Friday: Things to think about when meeting with a sports dietitian

One of my goals for 2015 is to look at all aspects of my training beyond just the physical part to attempt to improve on my running performance....

Marathon Monday: Ready for Spring

After a sluggish and down right rough week of running I think I turned things around. I'm ready for Week 9 and the much better weather that is...

Frustrated Friday- How to get through a bad week of training

We all have our ups and downs in running, in life, in everything but it is still tough when things don't go how we plan. Last week went great,...

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