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Runner, coach and mother to a toddler running through pregnancy and parenthood while maintaining sanity. An amatuer cook always trying new recipes to feed my family healthy.
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Goldy's for our anniversary!

That evening Matt and I were able to head out for a nice dinner and celebrate our...

Another 5 for Friday

1. It is truly amazing what good weather does for my running! Oh my shorts and a tank on Monday and I was smiling the entire 8 miles. The...

5 things for Friday

2. I had a great run! After last week and feeling less than wonderful about training and my ability my body stepped...

Spring Fling Virtual Giveaway #14in2014

Can you believe it is April finally? After a long, cold winter let's hope this is the start of better weather and a real spring! What better way...

Rethinking my running life

4 years ago when I was about to run my first race after giving birth to O I was feeling great, injury free and ready to take on the racing world,...

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