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Runner, coach and mother to a toddler running through pregnancy and parenthood while maintaining sanity. An amatuer cook always trying new recipes to feed my family healthy.
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Marathon Monday Week 4: Accepting a new direction

Week 4 was busy with work travel and sitting all day in conferences plus submitting my final thesis proposal. I managed to...

Healthy Eating Can be Good!

I get a lot of questions on my eating since many think all I do it eat! Yes that may be true but I eat lots of small meals frequently to keep...

Week 3 and cupcakes don't fuel a run

Week 3meant new challenges as always but within this I also participated in a 7 day clean eating challenge which helped my workouts greatly! I'm...

Taking on a new fitness adventure...

Check this out…3 days in a row posting to my blog! Are you overwhelmed? My goal is to get better, okay not daily but more than once a week and ...

4th of July Half

Sorry I know I left a little teaser post yesterday about the 4th of July Half Marathon so here is the full report from a nonrace. Thursday night...

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