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Inspiring Ultra Marathon Runner

Ultra Marathon (as in 100 miles) runner Tony Krupicka shares his reasons for running.
Views: 1096
Posted by: Paula T.
Date: 09/11/2007

Marathon Training Clips!

14 mile training run. Pumps you up and makes you want to run!
Views: 1371
Posted by: Paula T.
Date: 09/11/2007

Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes

Dean Karnazes talks about how he runs more than 250 miles STRAIGHT!!! Learn about Sleep-Running...
Views: 917
Posted by: John M.
Date: 07/01/2007

NY marathon winner

2 years in a row Jelena Prokopcuk from Latvia won
Views: 679
Posted by: John M.
Date: 06/06/2007

Nike Women's Marathon

Learn about the Nike Women's Marathon - an amazing race for women in San Francisco!
Views: 1710
Posted by: Marisa L.
Date: 06/01/2007