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Hi I'm Megan! I am so glad you stopped by - I am trying to be a runner and loving every moment/mistake I make along the way. I started blogging about my running experience to keep myself accountable and track my weight loss goals.  But this has turned into something so much more- something I... Full Bio
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Fast food is healthy right?

Fast food is way to delicious. I usually never eat it but this weekend being Halloween I celebrated like it was my 21st birthday. Which led to...

Welcome Back.

It has been sometime since I have even looked at my own blog homepage and that my friends is sad. This is not by choice but more of how our...

Hot as hell and chlorine water

So ill do my full review later but I thought I would just touch a little on the Labor Day Half in Woodinville,WA this morning. Let the...

When I grow up

I love the phrases "do what you love" or "I just feel so blessed to be doing what I love each and everyday"; I am going to call bullshit on those...

Family Time

Just thought I would post some pics of hanging with my family in California. It has been so hot down here, you pretty much have to be where there...

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