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Female half and full marathon runners diet study! Hello, I am a dietetics graduate student at Eastern Illinois University.  This up and coming sum ...
May 12 2012 11:31am
synthetic running tracks around palo alto,... Hello  I live in sunnyvale and am training for the silicon valley marathon. We would like ...
Feb 24 2010 4:23pm
Does anyone out there use Marathoner??! I just downloaded the Marathoner app on my Blackberry it's features are pretty good for training.  I ...
Jun 26 2009 3:31pm
The A Better Chance Team is calling on all athletes! We have a limited number of... more
Jul 08 2010 9:36am
Bad marathon idea So I found this video on this morning (click post title above to view) about a beer marath ...
Jul 28 2008 5:19pm
I wouldn't do it, and I definitely see your point.  On the other hand, though, I could... more
Dec 04 2010 2:30pm
Mom gives birth to sextuplets, then trains for... I saw a story on TV last night about a woman who gave birth to sextuplets, and after coming home w ...
Jun 21 2008 8:38am
wow that's alot of babies at once how can you take care of them all at once? more
May 05 2009 4:13pm
Awesome, inspiring story! This is a must-read for all of you dedicated runners out there. It's the story of a marathoner who ...
Apr 04 2008 7:12pm
That is such a great story- thanks so much for sharing! more
Mar 13 2010 8:42am
Proof that age is just a number This is pretty incredible. 101-year-old "Buster" Martin of Britain is training for his first marat ...
Mar 12 2008 2:34pm
Wow! more
Mar 19 2008 1:30pm
Great Marathon Documentary "Spirit of the Marathon" is an award-winning documentary film that captures the drama and essence ...
Feb 19 2008 5:51pm
Thanks for letting everyone know about this opportunity, Oliver. Although I missed the... more
Feb 26 2008 4:22pm
Nike Women's Half Marathon Just moved to the Bay Area and am very excited to run the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Franci ...
Jan 21 2008 5:00pm
Hi Hi I just recently joined and would like to get back into running for wieght loss and enduranc ...
Jan 06 2008 4:40pm