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What's on Santa's List?

Posted Dec 03 2012 7:27pm
Keep them Smiling - Shoe Charms ($7.99)
My friend Shirley got these at Philadelphia Marathon expo from Gone for a Run and absolutely loves them! Will they make me run faster?  I wish! But they look super cute and very blingy.

Keep them Clean - Wipes and Shampoo for the Lunchtime Runner
($6 - $12)
Ever since I started sneaking in runs (not just lunchtime, but any 1hr slot I can get), I've fallen in love with these products.
The wipes are not your standard baby wipes, although those work in a pinch too. These are made for (or atleast, marketed for) runners. I have used both Shower Pill and Nathan Power Shower Wipes. And they have been absolute life savers. I've even gone on a lunch date like I've walked out of the shower.
And girls with long hair (boys too!), a dry shampoo is a god send! I discovered the dry shampoo in my days as a new mom and have continued to love it when I don't have time to wash my hair.

Hey - no judging!
My secret to rushing from run to fun (or work)! All purchased from
Keep them Safe - Lights and Pepper Spray ($10 - $15)
If you've been reading my blog, you'd know that I'm big on safety. To the point of being paranoid. I will never run without light or pepper spray when I'm alone in the dark/trail (I usually avoid running in the dark anyway). If not a pepper spray, a bear spray works great. And I've been assured that it works great on dogs unleashed as well.
The flashing LED arm band is great when I'm running in a well lit area but with traffic. Yes, even with sidewalks. And the little clip on light (from Amphipod), its my husband's gift this year. I love how tiny it is and but still is bright.

My running buddies - never out without these in the dark/alone! All purchased from Running Warehouse .
Keep them Motivated - Training Journal ($15 - $25)
Does your athlete like to keep logs and keep track of everything? Even if they are not, a log is a very helpful tool in not just tracking miles/workouts, but also food, rest, mood etc. If they are more inclined to pen and paper, Believe I am Training Journal looks to be a beautiful product to keep notes. (Disclaimer: I do not have this, but intend to get one and try it out). Pink and Pretty not your runner's style? The more formal (I don't want to use the word manly!) Runner's Day-by-Day Log that might work for you.
Of course, if your athlete is more hardcore and tech savvy, a Training Peaks Premium Account  might be more useful? Personally, I hate the user interface; because my job in real life is to design simple interfaces for complex interactions. But it cannot be denied that TP has a ton of features that all athletes seem to love. I had a premium account for a short 3 months, and I would've continued it if I was working with a coach.

'Believe I am' Journal and the 'Runners Log'

Keep them Proud - Bib Folio ($40) and/or Medal Hanger ($40 - $65) 
Have an athlete that loves to race and safeguard all their bibs? I've been thinking of this for a long time, but hadn't seen how they actually looked like. I had the chance to see it at a friend's house this weekend and this is absolutely going on my list!

Can't pick b/w these from Gone for a Run - Am leaning towards the first two for some fun. What'ya think?

I can't say enough about the wonderful choices Allied Medal Hangers have for medal displays, or the wonderful customer service they give. I have 2 of these (one custom), and I can't wait to fill up the second one to order yet another one! They have all sorts of hangers to accomodate any number of medals.
Never Limit Your Challenges, Challenge your Limits 

Keep them Inspired - Apparel, Shoes or gift cards to your runner's favorite store ($ - $$$)
There is no shortage of apparel gifts - shirts with fun sayings shirts with Motivational sayings or apparel from "boutique" running stores. Winter clothes from jackets/vests to compression socks. Ask your runner their wishlist or give them a gift card so they can get what they want.
And of course, a pair of shoes is always welcome - as long as it is the one your runner wants.
Some of my favorites brands are -

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