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What made you decide to do a marathon?

Posted by candicepeak

I am a new runner and I definitely caught the running bug. I recently did my first half marathon and have another one in February. The word "marathon" terrifies me. I am unsure if I ever want to do a full marathon so I was wondering what finally made you decide to commit to a marathon.
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I was in a similar situation as you - I had run two half marathons and countless 5ks but the thought of a full marathon terrified me. I kept thinking what if I can't complete the training, what if I have to stop midway through the race, or what if I run really slow?

So I started talking to people I know who have run marathons. I started reading running-related blogs and all of the marathon recaps.  And somewhere along the way I realized I too wanted to become a full marathoner. 

The more I read, the more I realized as long as I trained properly, I should be able to complete the distance. I also stopped thinking about it as a race. As a first-timer, I think it's important to experience the distance for what it is and not worry about time. Once I stopped worrying about that, I felt better about signing up for my first marathon.

It's in October, so I can't yet tell you how it went. Only that I'm really excited for the day to come! 

If you're not sure if you're ready to run a marathon yet, don't push yourself into signing up for one. Make sure you're ready to commit because running and races aren't going anywhere :)

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