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What Do You Do When You Have No Childcare?

Posted Mar 13 2009 3:15pm

So my readers who are not moms and dads will not understand this question, because they have the ability to schedule runs around only their own schedules and not so much around others . . .like little others . . . you know, the short ones in the home who ask ridiculous questions like, “Why can’t we stick stuff in our ears?” or shout loudly, “She called me a poopyboodybopadoobydoo!”

Oh, but if you do have these teensy weensy creatures terrorizing your home and eating all of your food, you understand what happens when your other half is late coming home, or early to rise, or has to leave town for work and you can’t get in your run:

You are stuck.

Unfortunately this isn’t an uncommon occurence around here. Husband works some odd hours, and because of this I am constantly trying to ‘fit in a workout.’ Generally I can get up super early to get it done; and I am normally an early person, so this works for me.

Other times he is gone for a few days at a time, and then what? We don’t have family here- nor did we in California.

How do you get in that run when the spouse is out of town?

I suppose there are a few options. Those with y ounger kids can:

  • Purchase a jogging stroller and take child with them. I do this, but when you have two kids and only a one seater this is an impossible option. At this point, with two kids that are a little older and no others on the way, ever ever ever, I don’t want to upgrade to a double stroller.
  • Allow your child to ride bikes beside you. This works okay for some, especially with older kids, but my four and a half year old can’t do more than a mile and a half on the bike; and even this consists of stopping and starting rather than going full force for half an hour.
  • Head to the gym, unless you don’t have a gym membership.
  • Get on the dreadmill, unless you don’t have one of these either.
  • Have a friend come over to babysit.
  • Have a babysitter come over and babysit.
  • Take the kids to the park and then run around the perimeter for half an hour as they play.

So, what do you do when you need to get in a run but you don’t have childcare help?

Today’s run: I did 10.5. It was a great run, only my second double digit since the disney marathon. I know it is going to get humid out soon so I want to enjoy the longer runs while I can. I’m not sure how I will do in the heat; I hate it!

Tomorrow i’m taking a day off. Sunday husband has to work early so I’m hoping to get someone to watch the kids so I can do a 6 miler or so.

Today I spent the day doing really fun stuff for the girls. It was a Day of Fun. We went so many places and I’m pooped out! The girls had fun and they are pooped too but they certainly don’t want to sleep!

Happy Running this weekend!

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