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weekly training report. week of 1-13 thru 1- 19- 2014

Posted Jan 19 2014 8:41pm
 Another strong week with 59.5 miles and 6 cross training workouts. Very happy with the way I'm feeling and the quality if the hard runs.

morning situps challenge. 400 situps including 190 with 7.5 lb weight. 5 minutes of back and sidebends to loosen up.

 afternoon run. 10 miles in 1:25:20. Caught up with Ultramom Amy and shared the last 5 miles of her workout and then did another 5 at bq pace (8:12). beautiful afternoon.

 morning body weight day,60 pullups, 45 dips, 450 alternate pushups.

afternoon run. 12.5 miles in 2:14:03 ,Decided to do another easy run/walk practice lap on the 100 miler course. rained the first two miles but then the sun began to break through and it was wonderful. Felt really good.

morning core .  30 minute core routine w/ leg raises, stability ball, crunches, planks and other stuff

afternoon run. 7 miles in 55:50. Came up with this variation of self-inflicted pain on the fly. 3x mile repeats with the recoveries at marathon pr pace. What fun ! Easy warmup mile in 8:55, then 7:38, 8:02, 7:22, 8:11, 7:33 and 8:05 Another beautiful 55F afternoon.

 morning. body weight and fee weights day.  36 pullups, 30 dips, 250 pushups, + weights with overhead, incline and bench press, kettlebell press, curl, ext and rows.

afternoon run. 5 miles in 39:56. Met Awesome Angel Amy for some afternoon miles. I had a feeling she was gonna make it hurt and I was right. Killer workout on this course. Effort was tempo plus and just about sprinting uphill the last qtr mile.

 morning situps challenge. 400 situps total including 275 with 5 lb weight. 5 minutes of back and side bends to loosen up.

afternoon run. 5 miles in 44:50.  Nice and relaxed. The run that almost wasn't. I had to work an extra store today and was getting late. Decided to take a rest day. But the closer I got to the greenway driving home the more I wanted to go. Halfway there and I start changing on the way ! Couldn't resist!

 No cross training today.'

 morning run. 15 miles in 2:09:57.   Plan was to run the 1st 5 easy, then go sub 8 for the next 5 and then pick it up the last 5. Well, after mile one I was already at sub 9 (44:47) So I just held steady the next 5 in 44:36. Decided to try a progression run the last 5. 8:32, 8:25, 8:11, 7:41, 7:44 (40:33). Oh yeah ! Cold and breezy but I was smokin.

 Sun. began with body weight day,  60 pullups, 45 dips, 350 alternate pushups

 morning run. 5 miles in 44:36 .easy relaxed miles on a lovely morning.
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