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Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday

Posted Sep 23 2009 4:55pm
Thought Of The Day:
Circumstance is no excuse for Mediocrity. The philosopher Jagger once said "You don't always get what you want ... but if you try ... sometimes ... you get what you need!"

Yesterday, after work I headed out for a jog with my co-worker and again she crapped out on me. This time she made it twice as far (or .4 mile) which granted is much improved but then she started to walk and would not budge for even a jog ... (so breaking Rule #10 Never Leave Your Buddy Behind ) ... I left her behind and continued at my pace.

Unfortunately, since I have to wait for her till 5pm to get off work (instead of my usual 4:30pm ... causing us to get stuck in rush hour traffic on our way to the park) by the time we got to the park I felt like I was running terribly late so I think I subconsciously rushed through my warm-up stretches which in turn caused me to start cramping up in my calves by then end of my first mile.

Then at around the start of mile 2 my right foot started to go numb which caused me to run considerably slower than I like.

Overall this run scores a emotionless "meh"

I got home and decided to cheer myself up with a little bicycle practice and I did a half a mile ( not with any particular style or grace and I did notice a couple of bicyclists pass by and glance over at me like I was certifiably insane ).

Considering that I was pumping once then coasting, catching my balance with my other foot , then stopping then switching to the next foot and pumping once then coasting, catching my balance ... well you catch my drift... I do admit I looked silly but I was just trying to get myself used to the fast forward motion which I think was well achieved!

Also, I think I sweat more in those 15 minutes than I did on my entire run and boy am I sore ... what a workout!?! I think I'm going to like this bicycling thing ... but BOY IS MY BOOTY SORE!

I'm feeling much better today. I did started the day of with a CALORIE SPLURGE for breakfast but maybe it helped because I am feeling pretty good. Today's schedule is 3 X Hills and I'm actually excited.

Thursday, I plan for my co-worker and I to run in the complex where we work (cutting out the rush hour traffic middle man) and if that doesn't work ... I may need to return to my solitary workouts at least until we can figure something else out.

Have a great Wednesday!
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