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Today’s Run: Smoky. Tomorrow’s Run: Not Much Better It Seems

Posted Oct 18 2008 2:34pm

We are in a sad state here in Southern California. If you haven’t heard, and how could you not, fires have destroyed homes and caused people to leave behind their possessions or chance dying trying to save them.

Our skies are orange, it is extremely hot and things don’t seem to be getting that much better. The winds have died down some, but the fires continue on. Outside it looks as though the end of the world could be coming at any time. It is that eerie silence, that orange sky, the ash falling down on our cars.

I am glued to the television, feeling so sad for the people who have lost possessions. I can’t imagine losing my home as these people have. Imagine, the pictures, the memorabilia, the necessities that we all take for granted.

I’d say that it sucks running in the smoky air, but you know what? It doesn’t suck nearly as much as it could. I’m lucky. I have to breathe in the dirty air for half an hour or forty five minutes but I get to go home, to my home, and take a shower in my shower, and wear my clothes and look at my pictures.

Today’s post isn’t about the sucky runs. Instead, it is about remembering all of the people who are fighting these fires, from the firemen to those living through the destruction.

I’m putting together a plan to raise items for children birth to eighteen through my company. I’m hoping to set up a few drop boxes around the city, collect the items over the next month and then deliver them all to the Red Cross. I’ll start making phone calls tomorrow to local businesses and churches to see if this is possible.

It is important to me that I help for several reasons. For one, I want my daughters to understand the importance of giving back to the community and to those that are less fortunate. Tonight we made brownies for the firefighters down the street, and my daughter drew a card, which we will deliver tomorrow.

It’s also important that as a business owner I support my community.  As a business owner I have resources that individuals don’t have, such as connections with other business owners who might be able to lend a hand, and so I know it is my place to help those who have been so beaten down these last few days.

So while my runs are not looking good this week-and I’m not sure how I’ll do that 11-13 miles on Saturday with the air as bad as it is-my days and nights certainly look a lot better than those that many other people are facing.  And for that reason, I can’t complain about sucking in a little ash when I run.

Keep everyone in Southern California in your minds, and do what you can to help support the people who have lost their homes.

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