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This Morning’s 5 Mile Naked Run!

Posted Mar 18 2009 3:15pm

Okay, I knew the title would get your attention! Can’t wait to see how many clicks I get on this post today!

So no, I did not join the Bear Naked Running Team or compete in a naked running marathon.

I simply left my Garmin at home.

Not by choice of course. This would be like giving up my morning cup of coffee because I didn’t want to get all jacked up on caffeine-and that just ain’t gonna happen!

The batteries were dead. Seems when I plugged it up to charge the watch was on, and when I left it plugged in it slipped out of the cradle - so, no batteries.

Have to say this - I almost cried. I’m addicted to my Garmin like chocoholics are addicted to that yummy tasty sugary treat. In the first few minutes of my run I can’t tell you how many times I glanced down to ‘check’ my watch - only to find a bare wrist. At the end of my run I went to slap STOP when I ceased running - much to the bad luck of my bare wrist.

Then, somewhere around mile 2 (but I wouldn’t know because, well, I didn’t have my Garmin on!) I felt almost, shall I dare say, liberated!

Running naked may not be for everyone, but this morning it truly worked for me!

I could only guess at my pace, but I think it was fast. Yea, really fast. I think today I broke some records for myself. Uh huh. 7 minute miles. The entire way.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I didn’t have to stress over how fast I was going. I didn’t hear the shrill CLICK! each mile lap to tell me how quickly my pace was (or, in better terms, how slowly). I knew how far I went because I’ve mapped out that path before, but how fast? This remains a mystery.

If you are used to wearing the Garmin on your runs, maybe it’s time to leave it behind. Come on, just once! I’m telling  you, running without it on the wrist may seem scary, but it might just be one of the best runs you’ve had!

In other news. . . Husband has returned to normal working hours and I got up early today for my run - first in five days - and was glad to have the routine back.  I do much better when I get up early to run. I can’t figure out how people can run in the middle of the day *unless they are being chased by something big*.

Don’t you have to shower in the morning before work? Then what, shower again, post-run?

I have two young kids - I’m good to get one 5 minute quick rinse off done a day; there’s no way they would allow me time to take two!  Just the thought sends my heart in a panic.


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I’m starting training again for a triathlon. I’ve looked at a few, and am mapping out my next few months of racing. I’ll post my schedule later. For now I have one 5K coming up on Saturday, March 28, and I think I will run the course twice to do my 6 miles I generally reserve for Sundays, then run a long run on Sunday, swapping the two. I’m hoping to do the 3miles in about 23 minutes and change, BUT that is a dream goal since I’m currently running no faster than 8:30s.

Good running today! Go naked!

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