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Taste Test Tuesday

Posted Jan 05 2010 9:09am
So rewind to a few weeks ago.

Before New Years and Christmas and all the excitement of the holiday ... I received an email from the very nice people at POM offering to send me some 100% pomegranate juice.

Being that I am a fan of the Pom Teas I decided to give it a shot and like an early Christmas 4 bottles of the red stuff arrived at my door.

I inspected the bottles and was a little surprised and a bit disappointed at with the calories (always the first place I look ... so sue me!). They are a little high for my taste but I wasn't going to let that stop me.

I started by serving up myself and Mr. Boyfriend a small glass (about 4 oz) just so he and I could give it a taste.

I was pleasantly surprised but what's even better so was Mr. Boyfriend. He's not much of a fruit and vegetable guy (he sticks to Bananas and Potatoes and that's pretty much it for his fruit and veggie intake). He loved the stuff.

I proceeded to serve myself a Pom-Spritzer with 2oz POM and 6oz Diet Ginger ale. LOVED IT! Mr. Boyfriend preferred it straight.

We read up on the provided literature and what sticks out is how high in Potassium and how great it is for Men's health.

A few days later, Mr. Boyfriend came up with his own concoction. He mixed 1/2 POM Juice and 1/2 Orange Juice which has become his current way of imbibing his POM.

I think Mr. Boyfriend likes the stuff more than I do but overall a very pleasant experience and a product we will definitely buy again ;)

Happy Tuesday!
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