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Spring day with a bow

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:15pm
I didn't run last night; I totally blew off the buddy run. I've had -- um -- digestive issues for the past several days. My run Monday night with Pam was rudely interrupted by an urgent need to get to a bathroom. To make a long indelicate story short, yesterday I didn't feel like having the same emergency while out on the trail. I stayed home and gave my weary legs (and grumbly tummy) a rest. I think I'll stay home tonight too, probably do some cross-training.

Now that I've finished knitting Clapotis I can move on to another unfinished project. I decided to pick up my super-long wrap and get back to work on it. I haven't touched it for months, since Song at Article Pract put it back on the needles for me. I had made a huge mistake and ripped it back about 4 inches, then couldn't figure it out. I'm using a double strand of black alpaca and was flummoxed. I actually had to unknit another couple of rows last night before I could start going forward again. Now if only I can stop frogging and continue onward, I might finish this some day! It's not like it's a difficult pattern, it's a two row repeat. I don't know how I keep making stupid mistak es; probably the yarn, it's hard to see stitches.

Today's Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Bo. About 14 years ago I was working with a woman who bought her young daughter a pretty bear for her birthday. Before she wrapped it and took it home I couldn't stop playing with the bear. A couple of months later for my birthday she presented me with a similar bear. I named her for the bow on her head. She's reminds me of a sunny spring morning, just like today!
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