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Sense-sations: Why I Run Outside

Posted Jul 23 2008 7:17am

This morning I:


1) Someone’s shampoo as they showered (no, I was not standing beneath their bathroom window playing peeping Tom, just running by!)

2) A walker’s shirt’s detergent as he sauntered by at high speed

3) Coffee. Oh. My. Gosh. Let me just say this: When I smell coffee on a run my stomach dances in circles. It anticipates finishing up the workout, turning on the pot, and sucking down that java juice. Can you say a-dict-ted?


1) A car wrapped in Saran Wrap. Yes, saran wrap. Strange, very strange indeed.

2) An early morning fitness group meeting at the park. The trainer swept while the clients did some ab work.

3) Trash. This kills me. Don’t people understand it doesn’t get up and walk away when they toss it on the ground?


1) Salt from my sweat. I love this taste. That means I’m working. Hard.

2) Bugs. A few flew into my mouth twice. I ate them. What the hell-lots of protein, little calories right? (Only kidding, but I’m sure I did swallow a bug brain or two!)


1) My music. I knew it might be a tough run. I don’t usually travel with tunes unless I’m doing a long run-over 6 or 7 miles or so-but this morning for my four mile run I decided to take the tunes along and it was great.

2) Car tires against the street

3) People waking for the morning. One man talking. A person’s alarm clock going off


1) Good

2) Strong

3) Alive

That’s why I run.

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