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Self-Imposed Long Weekend

Posted Oct 13 2009 10:07pm
Everyone should indulge in one every once in a while!

Thursday night, Mr. Boyfriend and I hit the Metallica concert and may I say "It was AWESOME!"

Rock On!

Great seats!

It was explosive!

I'm not a huge fan but it was still a lot of fun!

Friday, I did my afternoon run in a decent time. I stopped using the Galloway method and my time has improved considerably.
Mile 1 0:10:32
Mile 20:11:21
Mile 30:11:20
Mile 40:11:24
Mile 50:10:59
Extra .33

Saturday was the first day I was able to wake up and get a morning run and may I say, I LOVED IT! I am definitely hooked. I am also running IPOD free. I really does allow you to concentrate better on RUNNING and breathing and all the mechanics. It's not easy but it is so worth the sacrifice.
Mile 1 0:10:50
Mile 20:11:18
Mile 30:11:24
Extra .740:08:23
Mr. Boyfriend was still sleeping so I slipped out and got a couple of rounds out on the Bicycle.

Can I say, FINALLY!

It took me twice around just to get my footing back. Then I was in full swing. I did another 6 loops before the sun got to me and I had to head inside. I must do that again!

Sunday was my long run. I woke up at the same time but being that my run was much longer I ended my run and the heat was starting to get bad.
Mile 1 0:10:32
Mile 20:10:45
Mile 30:11:37
Mile 40:11:19
Mile 50:11:35
Mile 60:11:21
Mile 70:11:17
Mile 80:11:19
Extra .010:00:05
I'm pretty stoked that I made my race pace without really trying too hard and I think I kept it pretty consistent. I did have to take a few walking breaks but I kept them to 1 per mile and always between 45-60 sec.

In the future I'm going to have to wake up earlier as my runs get longer.

Also, I need to be more careful on my long runs. I got 5 blisters. Two on the arch of my right foot, two more on my toes of the same foot and one more on the toe of my left foot. I know it's because I used the wrong sneaker for the run. It was my only lapse.

Everything else worked out pretty well!
  • Half a Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter Cliff Bar before the run. I didn't feel hungry at all.
  • 20oz of Half Water/Half Gatorade (I could have used another 4oz though)
  • 1 Zym hydration tab after the run and 1 cup milk (also after the run)
Overall still a great run!

For today's run, I calculated the time I needed to get up to be at work by 8am and I guess I got a little carried away. I headed out at 6:10am to find:

It was PITCH BLACK! It felt like it was Midnight, eerie and spooky. I tried to do once around the block but it was too much. I checked and Sunrise is at 7:15am.

I started to fiddle on the computer and lost track of time and ended up heading out late ... GEESH!

I had planned to do a 5 miler but time and the fact that this would be my 4th run in a row caused me to reconsider.

I ended up doing 3.47 instead. I was able to keep my race pace ... but BARELY! By the end my blisters were aching a little and my legs felt like I had no gas in them ... I was running by shear will alone!

Tomorrow is a rest for my legs day ... I do strength for my core and arms.

Wow! What a weekend :)
In Review - Week of September 28st:

Half Marathon Training Week 6 of 12:
(Full Marathon Training Week 1 of 18:)
25.14 Miles5.34 5
2 MilesN/A1
0 MetersN/A0

Total Workout Time: 06:12:39
Total Running Time: 04:42:39
040:09:28:02 till the Half-Marathon!
117:09:46:39 till the Full-Marathon!

I leave you with a video of clips from the concert!

Happy Monday!
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