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Rush Rush Rush

Posted Jan 23 2009 5:59pm
Wow I feel like I just participated in another 100-mile race, sure feels like it a bit; sleep deprivation, constant hustle and checking of the time, continuous ingestion of caffeine in the later stages, touches of grumpiness, moments of hysterical laughter and now a great big desire to just lay down and sleep. I haven't slept in my bed in two days.

Oh you know one big crazy deadline gets crazier and the other deadlines can't be postponed. I read somewhere the body doesn't differentiate from different sources of stress, stress is stress. Yeah I feel a lot beat down but very thankful. Work is good, especially when times are bad. The timing is perfect, I'm still recovering from the race and not running much anyway. I ran on Wednesday but it was still too soon. May dust off the road bike for the weekend. I can't wait to run an event again.

I am now going to head to my favorite wine bar for a couple with a good friend, then some good food and some zzz's. Hope you all are having a great weekend. I'll do my best not to get too buzzed despite heading over there on an empty stomach and a lot of stress to bleed. I'd hate to get drunk and start challenging people outside the bar to a 50-mile foot race. You all know I'm not ready yet. Haha. No that won't happen. I'm just trying to be funny. Here's a true story though. A long time ago, before I was a runner and a lush, I had run out of money at a bar I was at with friends. The ATM machine was 3 blocks away and it was raining. I ran there and back, felt no pain cause I was drunk. However I distinctly remember thinking, wow I should take up running, this feels great. Since that one night, I always ran to the ATM. True story.

Well ya'll have a good weekend. Dave is running his first 50-miler. Might be nice to go and wish him luck. I'm sure he won't mind.

Update: Nothing like a good friend, great food and comfy hangout place to relax in to bleed of some stress. Being in bed before midnight and sleeping in till 11AM also has a lot to do with this big smile on my face. I'm blessed with work so I still have more to do before I can go out and run but it's a very good thing.
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