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Running with Music

Posted Oct 22 2008 6:15pm
I've never run with music. I'm usually very happy to listen to the wind whistling, my footsteps plodding, my breath gasping. For some reason the TnT buddy runs this season are totally boring to me. Well, one reason is probably that I'm running alone; the others who run at this time and place are quite a bit faster than I am. Another reason is that we're running on the Iron Horse Trail -- pretty enough, but same ol', same ol'. I have an iPod with the Nike+ contraption on it that gives time and mileage along with music but I've never worn it running (although I've used it for walks). Last night I decided to use it.

We all normally run the warmup together, a couple of blocks. We started off and I started the Nike+. Hmmm, why is it searching to calibrate the sensor. It should already be calibrated. Hmmm. So I looked down and realized I didn't have it on my shoe - I had left it on my walking shoes. D'oh! I totally cracked up; the others looked at me as if I were crazy so I explained my (stupidity) predicament. Oh well, I might not have the mileage but at least I'll have music.

I've filled my nano with upbeat, rockin' music. This could have been a mistake. I ran much faster than I should have. I tried to slow down, the music sped me back up again. When I turned around I slowed down. No, not really, I kept pounding along. Faster faster! No, take a breath, slow down! I ended up finishing several minutes faster than I should have. I felt surprisingly good though.

More knitting on Clapotis last night. As much as I feel like I'm nearing the end, I also feel like it's never-ending.

Today's Gratuitous Bear of the Day is Claus (gettit? claws? bear? oh-shut it!). I got him from Shithead's mother, the first Xmas Shithead and I were together. She handed him to me, unwrapped, like "here: you like bears, you're a Jew, Merry Christmas from Santa Claus. Want a drink?" Uh, yeah. Love ya too. I like little Claus and I don't discriminate against bears from people I don't like!
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