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Remember your strength and flexibility training!

Posted Feb 18 2009 12:02pm

Not a lot of time this morning. I’m finishing up an ebook project for a media company in New York and hope to have it done today. I doubt the girls will sleep much longer so . . .

Just a reminder: Though running ROCKS!, never forget to also focus on strength and flexibility.

The best fitness regimine you can do for your body includes three items:

  • strength
  • flexibilty
  • cardio

Alot of times as runners we become fixated on going that extra mile or making our runs faster. There’s nothing wrong with this, but we should also be incorporating the other two components of physical fitness.

Flexibility helps us with balance and to injury prevention while strength helps protects us from osteoporosis while making us stronger. Strength training not only assists us in losing weight but it makes us less prone to injury and, hey, it makes us look hot in bikinis!

If you haven’t started a strength and flexibility component to your workout routine, make it a point to do so. You can focus on strength just a few days a week to see the benefits. Flexibility can be done daily - practice some yoga moves before bed or when you first wake up. Stretch after running when your muscles are warm. Take a class if you are unsure of how to stretch without injury. You’ll see benefits in a few weeks, so get going!

My run today: 4 easy miles, averaging around 9:20 or so. My knee was a little sore last night after two days of speed and distance combined and I want to run tomorrow at least 6 so today I pulled back some and it was good.

The 10K is on Saturday. I’m hoping to do it in 54 minutes - we will see!

Now, off to get that book done!

Happy Running!

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