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Recovery Saturday and “The Grid”

Posted Aug 13 2009 7:59pm
Okay, so it’s unanimous then! Thank you for setting me straight. No one (other than me) has actually gotten sick while running in the rain which leads me to one of two conclusions – either my preconceptions were wrong and this old adage is nothing but an old wives’ tale probably passed down from generations of non-runners to keep the actively inclined at bay or I have freakishly weird immunity. I’ve already scheduled an appointment with my GP for early next week, thank you very much!

Although I was feeling somewhat better this morning, no fever/chills x 24 hours, I thought the safe approach was to switch my long run/recovery run weekend routine and give myself an extra day to recuperate before I tackle the 18 miler. So I went out and did an easy 5-miler around my new ‘hood this morning. Although the miles (all 5.61 of it) felt long and my pace (7:42 min/mi) awkwardly slow (another runner around here actually ran by me…and smiled as he passed…), I was satisfied with this run because by the end, I felt strong enough to have tackled a lot more miles if I wanted to. Unfortunately, my stomach started feeling queasy again as soon I stepped inside and now I’m back to not feeling bad but not feeling so great either…

Anyway, I know I’ve been talking about my marathon training a bunch in the past several posts (and probably will continue to in the next several months) so I figure I’d give you all a peak at my training plan just to make sure we’re on the same page. I sure as hell have tinkered enough with it that I’ve pretty much got the whole thing memorized by now. I think everything is pretty self explanatory but in case there are questions, discrepancies, criticisms, false pretenses, or gross overestimation of paces or races outside the range of my abilities, feel free to ask away. (Just for reference, I’m currently in the tail end of week 2 of training.)

Okay, so without further ado, Ladies and Gentleman, feast your eyes on “The Grid” ( Wow, I realize I've never done this before...I feel as if there should be a drumroll...or the pitter-patter of a thousand runners running )

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