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Race Report: ING Miami Marathon

Posted Feb 02 2010 5:41am
I usually get a little neurotic before races, it's a by-product of my nervousness, but this time it started about a week before it usually does.

I kept mulling it over in my head. Trying to convince myself I could do it. I had no doubt that I would show up, DNS was not on the table, it was the possibly of not completing the marathon that was driving me nuts.

The night before.

I layed out everything as usual.

(Insert Picture - Coming Soon)

Mr. Boyfriend and I tagged teamed dinner and made a baked ziti that was out of this world. We watched some TV and I was shocked to see that there was Marathon coverage on the local news. They covered the road closures and I noted how the weather seemed like it would be perfect for running. I hit the hay and even did a little visualization. I felt like I WAS READY!

Marathon Morning.

I woke up at 3:45 am. I practically popped out of bed and got dressed but I wasn't able to eat that early, the nerves were too much, so I took my Maria Cookies with Peanut Butter to go and had a scoop of Chia Seed and OJ I had prep-ed the night before to hold me over (just in case I wasn't able to eat at all).

I arrived at the park after touring most of Downtown Miami looking for parking. All the roads I needed were closed so I ended up parking a bit away and walking the rest of the way in but I still arrived about an hour before.

Bayfront Park had been converted into a kind of tent city with all the different sponsors and race groups. Luckily, I immediately ran in to the Team Foot Works tent, which was providing pacing for the race. I spotted my pace group (5:30) and started stretching and trying to eat a little bit while I waited.

I stuck with the group as we made it over to the corrals, overhead the announcers voice commented how exciting it was to have 18,000 racers today. I was left in awe of by the grand mass of people.

The race started and it took about 15 minutes for me to get to the start line. I made a point of starting easy. I had lost track of the pace group but I figured we'd meet up eventually.

Mile 1: 12:44.5

I felt HOT! The shirt was not very comfortable and I hated the fact that I had worn pants instead of shorts!

The pace group caught up with me and I stopped thinking about it which helped.

Mile 2: 12:24.1
Mile 3: 12:35.1
Mile 4: 12:36.9

I stayed with them. The pace felt good. I felt like I might actually be able to do this whole thing!

Mile 5: 12:10.3

It felt a little fast. But I was still in it.

Mile 6: 13:17.5

I lost them.

Mile 7: 14:57.8
Mile 8: 14:34.7
Mile 9: 14:41.2

I couldn't move any faster. But I still felt ok.

Mile 10: 16:13.3

I wasn't feeling ok anymore. I broke down and made the decision I hoped I didn't have to make. I decided I would take the turn at the half. Sent a message to Mr. Boyfriend. Cried a little bit, then pulled myself together.

Mile 11: 17:20.1

This mile felt like it took forever!

I cheered up slightly because Ex-Norweigean was playing on the side line (very cool local band) but still felt like I was stuck in the twilight zone!

Mile 12: 16:17.7
Mile 13: 16:20.1

.1 Mile: 04:26.4

Garmin recorded it as .24 but no biggie.

At the finish line, I got my Half Marathon Medal and forwent taking the Finish/Medal picture. I didn't feel like I had accomplished anything.

It was not a PR. It was a full 36 minutes slower than the 13.1 Fort Lauderdale

I had to face the truth!
I hadn't trained how I should have. I let my training go over the holidays. I didn't run my long runs.
I hated to admit it but it was the absolute truth.

Nearing Mile 5, still feeling good.

Somewhere near Mile 7, not giving up

The finish, glad to be done

After the race, I got my compression socks on and did a little sulking. But by the evening, I already started making my plans for the Calle Ocho 8k on February 26th and the 13.1 Miami Beach on March 7th.

I will not be defeated again.

Oh, and I've already signed up for the 2011 ING Miami Marathon!


I've got an easy 4 miler on deck today.

I'm excited all over again.

Happy Tuesday!

P.S. I told my mom I had signed up for the Full again for next year and that I wasn't going to let the Marathon beat me. She answered "Sign me up for the Half!! I'm going to do it too!"

It will be her first Half Marathon!

How exciting! :)
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