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Question of the Week: How Many Days and Miles do You Run Per Week?

Posted Apr 20 2009 11:12pm

I have lately been reevaluating my running program, due to some injuries and fatigue. I also want to add in some cross training to both alleviate some of the boredom and to train for a triathlon.

This has made me wonder about my readers: How many days and miles per week do you run?

Lately I have been running 5 days, about 30 miles per week. My longest run is about 10-12 on the weekends - though I will do a long one and then drop back the next week.

Throughout the week my shortest runs are 4 miles, my mid runs are 5-6.

I’m going to cut back this week to four days of running, one of X training, two off. I’m going to try to run only 25 miles this week. I’m also going to do a 20 minute period of yoga each day.

I think sore, tight, stiff muscles are really affecting my running and my down time. I have been having muscle twitches regularly, yesterday in my calf all day and evening (and it is starting again now!) Sometimes they are in my upper leg, sometimes in my eye . . . . blood work showed no sodium issues, so guessing it is fatigue.

This week my longest will be about 10 - Sunday.

What about you? How many miles, how many days per week?  And are you training for a particular race right now or just maintaining?

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