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On your mark ...

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:07am
Last night was our absodamnlutely final training. We met at the San Ramon High track, a lovely place to run (when I started TnT 7 years ago it was rutted dirt; now it's composite and springy and cushy). Our workout was an easy 10 minute warmup, leading directly into a level 3-4 20 minute run with 4 15 second level 8 runs spaced throughout, then a 5 minute cool-down walk. I intended to just jog around the track for 30 minutes or so and call it a day.

My body had other intentions. I ran the warmup while chatting with our swim coach. My back felt normal, my knee felt normal, my stomach didn't feel too bad. As we trotted along my breath was deep, but not gasping. I felt maybe I was pushing it a little, not too much. I looked at my watch after we'd gone around what I thought was 3 times and had to ask if it had been 3 or 2; it was much faster than I'd expected. Once more around and mile 1: 11:33. Whoa! A full minute faster than I'd expected, a full minute faster than I should have run.

For the main workout I slowed down considerably. I thought. I threw in a couple of level 8 sprints just because I was feeling so good. Gasp gasp gasp but after a half lap my breathing returned to normal. I felt a couple of little twinges in my back and ignored them. I finished another mile: 11:30. Whoopsie, so much for slowing down! I figured I get another half mile before the time was up and I should run it easier. Uh, not so much. Last half mile: 5:50. I was happy to walk the next lap for my cool down.

Afterward I felt great. Really, great. We had a team meeting about the weekend and my nerves started pinging along but I was determined to not let it get in the way of my good run afterglow. I got home and started to lay out my stuff in order: (1) things to put on in the hotel before the race; (2) transition area; (3) swim; (4) bike; (5) run. It takes up most of my dining room floor, and I don't even have my bike in there yet. I added a few more things to my list when I got up this morning. Final packing will be tonight.

Tomorrow morning I have my final pre-race physical therapy, then it's load the car and drive to Pacific Grove. After a 10 minute run and 10 minute bike ride (or not), a short swim (or not), pasta party and team meeting it'll be time for bed and then before I know it I'll be racing.

Wish me luck!
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